The range of LED tubes used as retrofits for fluorescent lamps is constantly expanding. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about LED tubes.

You will find detailed technical data, installation instructions and compatibility lists in our online catalog .

The SubstiTUBEs sold by LEDVANCE meet all requirements contained in the relevant safety standard DIN EN 62776 (“Double-capped LED lamps designed to retrofit linear fluorescent lamps – safety standards”). This compliance is documented by certification from the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, or VDE, the abbreviation of its German name.

Results of the key tests:

  • The LED lamps are safe to use and operate, just like conventional fluorescent lamps:
    • Protection against accidental touching of current-carrying components
    • Compliance with clearance and creepage distances
    • Security of lamp pins during installation of the lamps
  • Approval for use in the G13 and G5 bases in terms of lamp weight and dimensions
  • The LED tubes sold by LEDVANCE are included in the risk-free group (RG0) for photobiological safety. This means that they pose no risk to your skin or eyes.

Such test seals apply to the tested product combination. This means that their validity covers only lamps that the luminaire manufacturer submitted to the testing organization (generally, these are not LED tubes). In Germany, new certification of a luminaire equipped with SubstiTUBE by an organization like the VDE can be easily done. Separate VDE certificates have already been issued for most of the SubstiTUBE LED tubes.


  • Lower connected load: LED tubes use significantly less energy than conventional fluorescent lamps.
  • Increased efficiency: With less luminous flux, LED tubes can produce the same or higher illumination levels than fluorescent lamps. Thanks to the lower connected load, significantly higher levels of efficiency, up to 150 lm/W, can be achieved. -> Both effects can reduce energy use by up to 70% and, thus, power costs.
  • Longer service life: The service life of the LED tubes sold by LEDVANCE is up to five times longer than that of conventional fluorescent lamps. As a result, they require less maintenance.
  • Sustainability: existing and functional luminaires can remain in service through the use of LED tubes.

Due to its design, a LED tube produces directed light unlike fluorescent lighting, which is omnidirectional. As a result, light distribution can vary due to the existing luminaire's geometry. For simple bar and open luminaires, few differences can generally be perceived (see the light distribution curves). The lighting metric that is relevant for the user is the illumination level, which is measured on the “working plane” (e.g. on the work surface). The light produced by the SubstiTUBE LED tubes is directed at the target object and optimally illuminates it. Losses resulting from unwanted light spill can even be minimized as a result.

Light distribution curve fluorescent lamp
Light distribution curve fluorescent lamp
Light distribution curve SubstiTUBE
Light distribution curve SubstiTUBE

LEDVANCE offers a warranty of up to five years on SubstiTUBE. You will find the exact warranty terms here .

LEDVANCE offers LED tubes for T5 and T8 luminaires with G5 or G13 bases:

  • SubstiTUBE T8 EM for CCG luminaires
  • SubstiTUBE T8 HF und T5 HF for ECG luminaires
  • SubstiTUBE T8 Universal for CCG and ECG luminaires

You will find other details and compatibility lists with the tested ECGs in the online catalog .

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