EU regulations

Over the last years the EU has been pushing the switch to more sustainable and more energy-efficient solutions. The lighting industry is working on this remarkable shift towards connected, personalized, and increasingly efficient and circular products.

In implementing the regulation, we are promoting efficient lighting practices for the benefit of the global environment, human comfort, and the health and safety of consumers.

At LEDVANCE we already offer a wide array of efficient alternatives and are working on innovative lighting technologies to improve the product’s life circle.



The EU has taken the next major step toward efficient and climate-friendly lighting. It’s aim Is to promote the circular economy and provide clear, transparent and standardized information for consumers. The SLR and ELR regulations redefine the sustainability of lighting products and the labeling of their energy efficiency.

The new EU regulations on ecodesign and the labeling of light sources have been in force since December 2019. They are now being implemented in phases.

As a strong partner for lighting professionals, LEDVANCE ensures that you can meet your customers' requirements in each of these phases while complying with the new regulations. Here are the most important changes at a glance – and how LEDVANCE can help you.


All light sources will be evaluated in accordance with the regulations.
Packaging and graphics will be adapted slightly.
All light sources will be included in the EU-wide EPREL database.
There will be a new energy efficiency label with a new scale. A++ to E will become A to G.
Existing products may be sold without reclassification until March 2023.

Phase-out of conventional lamps

Under the new EU regulations, a whole series of less energy-efficient lamps are being phased out. The key dates are September 1, 2021 and September 1, 2023. LEDVANCE already offers suitable, high-quality LED replacements for the affected products.


The following are exempt from the SLR/ELR regulations:

  • LED chips, dies and packages
  • Emergency lighting
  • Battery-powered light sources
  • Original works of art
  • Lighting for vehicles, transportation and military equipment
  • Screens
  • Medical equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • A few specialty or niche products
  • Luminaires with replaceable light sources (“containing products”)
Further exceptions can be found in the current SLR/ELR regulation under Appendix III (SLR) and Appendix IV (ELR) at

Obligation to inform

Another innovation is the European Product Registry for Energy Labeling (EPREL). For the first time, all the relevant information for all the light sources on the market will be centralized here, assessed on the basis of ecodesign and sustainability criteria among other things, and made available to all users of this database.
LEDVANCE guarantees full registration of its products. We are also fully complying at an early stage with other information and labeling obligations – for example on packaging and in operating instructions.

New energy label

From September 1, 2021 a new energy label for light sources will be introduced (a transition period will run until March 1, 2023), generated on the basis of the data listed in EPREL. You can be confident that all LEDVANCE light sources that are placed on the market from that date will be properly labeled. Good to know: products that have already been placed on the market can still be bought and sold after this date and installed on the customer’s premises.

Since 1994, energy labels in the EU have been used as quick and simple guidelines for consumers. The labels are now entering round three. Apart from a slightly modified design, the new labels for light sources differ essentially in two respects:

  • A new energy efficiency scale from A to G
  • A QR code with a link to the product data stored in the EPREL database
The New Energy LabelThe New Energy Label

Choose products from LEDVANCE to ensure your lighting products are EU-compliant and future-proof.

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