Clear forms, authentic materials: the Edition 1906 boasts a classic aesthetic that launches a long forgotten design element into the fore once more – the light itself.

Vintage Edition 1906 Bubble Glass

"There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty."

(Billy Baldwin, New York Interior Design Legend)

With more than a hint of irony, the luminous bodies which cast light on our world often find themselves banished to the shadows. Be it hidden under lampshades or obscured by intricate covers, their inherent charm can very quickly be overlooked. A shame, to say the least, because charm is something they have in abundance. Whether talking about the Edison, Globe, Oval or Tubular, these simple lamp forms are on their way to becoming style icons in their own right. Recognizing this, the designers of the Edition 1906 set out with a clear goal in mind: to honor these lamps in all their understated glory.

"We wanted to create a warm, emotional product that was pleasing to the eye," says Jonas Lindemann, the 1906 project manager. The idea was simple: to give old, historic lamp shapes a new lease of life; to create "real eye-catchers" that could bathe a room in subtle, subdued light, unconstrained by any detracting features. Purism in design coupled with a high quality finish - "that's an approach that suits us," says Lindemann.

The fact that the edition is named “1906” is no coincidence: it is since that very year that the Osram brand has existed. The edition therefore revisits the unadorned aesthetic of Osram products from the early 20th century. However, it is not only a reflection of the company's history; it also symbolizes the timeless quality for which Osram is still known today.

If the Edition 1906 is to do justice to the Osram legacy, then the choice of materials and how they are finished must be just right. "We rely on honest, high-quality components," explains designer Gregor Faubel. The lamps themselves consist of brass and glass while the PenduLum luminaire is made of aluminum – but it doesn’t stop there. The designers spared no effort in giving the metal that authentic touch: While developing the 1906 products, they finished each part by hand on a lathe – as if back in 1906. "I especially like the tactile quality of the Pendulum. It just feels good in your hand," says Faubel. A classic black textile cable tops off the vintage look.

But as much as the Edition 1906 look and feel is a throwback to the past, the technology inside reminds us that we’re in the present: LED lamps which emit a particularly warm, ambient light thanks to their amber gold coating. But even though the most modern technology is used, there are subtleties in keeping with the historic theme: like the alluring detail of the filament design in the LED lamps.

In essence, the Edition 1906 bridges the gap between past and future; between warmth and brilliance; between dreamy nostalgia and casual pragmatism. The result is a line of products that Lindemann and Faubel are proud of: "Lighting, which not only brightens a room – but enhances it."

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