How do you make vintage lighting look at home in a variety of modern world settings? That’s a challenge. A challenge the Edition 1906 overcomes by simplicity – not just in style but in functionality.

Stripped back, bare and reduced to what is required to do the job; the Edition 1906 lamps and luminaires provide no frills, no fuss but an abundance of charm. Industrial in their style but much more than that in their application, they are designed to provide pure functionality and pragmatism. If form truly follows function, lighting can accentuate any feature of any living space by providing that vintage feel.

The Edition 1906 lamps and luminaires will give a boutique hotel its bespoke edge or a rustic bakery its artisan ambience. They could just as easily hang over you as you lounge in a baroque bar or peruse a stylish fashion store. Or they might simply add that certain nonchalance to your living room. Whatever the setting, the simplicity will serve it well. Lighting which will be nuanced yet noticed.

Light wherever you need it

The real beauty of lighting lies not in what is lit but where is lit. In setting a mood, people want creative freedom. They want the flexibility to customize design. Styling the room around the lights is one approach. But possibilities are far greater if you can direct the lights around the room. Conventional lighting systems don’t always grant you that freedom. As the Edition 1906 designer Gregor Faubel says: “Everybody knows the problem: You want the luminaire to be in a specific spot – but the outlet is elsewhere. You can either resort to an adventurous self-made construction. Or you can just get the PenduLum.“

The Edition 1906 PenduLum luminaire features a satin finished aluminum socket which hangs from a long, fabric covered cable. However, it is on account of the accompanying, seemingly simple accessories that things come alive: two aluminum rings and a length of steel rope.

This is where the fun begins: for it is these parts that open up a world of mounting options. The cantilever, the bow, the cluster and the roll: only some of the imaginative permutations of this versatile vintage ingenuity. Be it for one product or for several, the steel rope acts as a leash which fixes to the socket or cable ring and then to a ceiling ring that serves as an anchor point – allowing you the choice of where and what to illuminate. What was ‘just a cable’ becomes a feature in itself. You are no longer bound by the arbitrary placement of an outlet: these retro luminaires give you freedom, flexibility and room for expression.

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