Lighting for educational institutions


Whether rooms in kindergartens, schools, universities or libraries and documentation centers, in line with the fl exible use of space, the lights have to adapt to different situations and provide both high lighting quality and aesthetic design.


  • Uniform, low-glare general lighting with individually adjustable illuminance
  • Accent lighting for a comfortable and energizing atmosphere
  • Combination of direct and indirect lighting
  • VIVARES Zigbee light management for different lighting scenes
  • Air and surface disinfection to improve room air quality

Customer benefits

High cost efficiency, attractive payback times

  • Short payback times for lighting systems
  • LED lighting and LMS lower energy consumption and cut energy costs
  • Comprehensive compliance with standards
  • Extensive warranties



Flexible und functional solutions

  • Groundbreaking lighting technologies and light management systems for workplace and general lighting
  • Lighting concepts tailored to requirements
  • Lighting solutions that can boost concentration and receptivity


MATCHING products

With our lighting solutions for educational facilities, we create an activating and pleasant learning atmosphere and additionally reduce energy and maintenance costs at the same time.

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