Car park lighting


Uniform illumination of car parks and parking spaces gives users a sense of personal safety right from the start – both on arrival and departure. Illuminating shaded areas also aids orientation and helps avoid accidents.

LEDVANCE offers a variety of application-specific solutions as well as maximum efficiency for companies and operators of car parks and basement garages: sensor-controlled light management systems ensure standard lighting in accordance with the external conditions, such as time of day or weather for example. Zonal control allows operating costs to be reduced further based on presence and motion control.

Customer benefits

Guidance, safety, security

  • Directed lighting aids orientation
  • Lighting reveals hazard points, reduces accidents
  • Earlier identification of individuals, vehicles, boundaries, and obstacles


Traffic safety

  • Improved orientation
  • Easier identification of hazard points, other vehicles, individuals, boundaries and obstacles
  • Danger of accidents is reduced



Enhancing safety in car parks and basement garages and reducing energy and maintenance costs are key considerations when it comes to optimizing lighting.

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