LED Lamps Online Special 2017/18

Premium lighting. Inspiring products for lighting professionals.

Efficiency, design, technology, finish and light quality - OSRAM LED lamps from LEDVANCE again set standards in many respects. The result: excellent, professional lighting products. In this year's focus: full-glass, exciting new products with special features and high quality production standards "Made in Germany".

With around 200 new LED lamps LEDVANCE offers you one of the world's largest lighting portfolios. And for almost every requirement a suitable solution - use this competitive advantage for your projects!

Our top arguments for your premium lighting
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Many types with special features

  • Motion sensors for extra security
  • Daylight sensor for enhanced efficiency


Full glass and stability

  • Almost all types available in full-glass
  • Spotlights and classic in halogen and incandescent lamp design
  • Tubes: excellent dimensional stability

Product range

Wide range of premium and standard products for diverse lighting requirements

  • Classic lamps
  • LED tubes
  • Spots
  • Special feature lamps
  • Special lamps


Outstanding light quality and ease of use

  • Excellent light quality thanks to high color rendering index & binning quality
  • High luminous efficacy – clearly evident from lm/W value
  • Simple replacement
  • Broad range of light colors

Top-trend full-glass. Cutting-edge technology in classic design.

Top trend: Full glas LED lamps

LEDVANCE offers cutting-edge technology in classic design. Our classic lamp filament portfolio is 100 % full-glass. Same with our LED tubes. Additionally we extended our LED reflector portfolio with many different full-glass types for design-inspired applications.

Your technical benefits

  • Full-glass LED reflector and classic lamps with refined appearance
  • High light output and long lifespan
  • Direct replacement for conventional technologies with comparable appearance and choice
  • High mechanical stability thanks to glass body

Size matters - where do you find more? One of the most extensive LED product portfolios worldwide.

The product diversity in the global lighting market never was as extensive as now. LEDVANCE as one of the largest players provides one of the largest LED product portfolios worldwide. Modern filament LED lamps in various shapes, a huge LED

reflector lamps assortment, cutting-edge LED tubes, highly innovative LED lamps with special features, special lamps for all kinds of applications and LED lamps in a trendy retro style. This gives you the chance to access only one portfolio for all your needs.

Classic meets hightech. LED lamps in classic bulb shapes.

LED lamps with classic bulb shapes

From CLASSIC A, B and P through to GLOBE and Edison with innovative filament technology in classic incandescent lamp design – the LED CLASSIC range from LEDVANCE leaves no wish unfulfilled. All lamps impress in terms of efficiency, finish and quality.

  • Excellent variety in terms of bases and shapes
  • Main types available in dimmable versions
  • Extensive full-glass portfolio: LED lamps with the refined look and feel of traditional incandescent lamps
  • Vintage Edition 1906: the attractive design classic for premium lighting applications

LED lamps with conventional bulb shapes

Utterly impressive. LED reflector lamps from LEDVANCE.

LED reflector lamps

Regardless of your application – the new LED reflector lamp range from LEDVANCE ensures you have the right solution for your projects every time, for example with innovative single optic for homogeneous light distribution, or with design-inspired glass spotlights for open luminaires. But best of all: countless LED reflector lamps come in full glass and offer precisely the same dimensions as comparable halogen spots.

  • Simple replacement of conventional halogen lamps for LED lamps thanks to the same bases and shapes
  • Many different full-glass types for design-inspired applications
  • “Made in Germany”: part of our LED reflector lamps are made in Germany
  • All types come with innovative single optic for homogeneous light distribution

LED reflector lamps

Ahead of its time. The brand new LED tubes from LEDVANCE.

LED tubes

With its extensive OSRAM SubstiTUBE range, LEDVANCE provides you with precisely cutting edge technology that you need for your challenging projects – and that makes your life easier. In this lighting season too, LEDVANCE continues to set standards in the area of LED tubes with impressive innovations.

  • Ultra Output: luminous efficacy of up to 160 lm/W
  • T5: the perfect LED replacement for T5 fluorescent lamps
  • Universal: one size fits all, the solution for ECG and CCG and mains voltage
  • Connected: wireless and sensor-operated light management
  • Many full-glass types and partly “Made in Germany”
  • Suitable for mains operation
  • High power factor up to > 0.9

LED tubes

Much more than only light. LED lamps with innovative special features.

Added feature lamps

Clever solutions to impress your customers! PARATHOM+ lamps with integrated daylight sensor switch on automatically when daylight starts to fade and thus offer additional energy-saving potential. PARATHOM+ lamps with motion sensor technology provide a sense of security – thanks to integrated motion sensor with large detection range. Especially energy-saving: with automatic shutdown.

  • Daylight Sensor: switches on and off automatically depending on the daylight and thus ensures even greater efficiency
  • Motion Sensor: energy-saving motion sensor for a better sense of security

LED lamps with special features

Different tasks. LED lamps for special applications.

LED special lamps

LEDVANCE offers suitable products that fulfill special requirements for special application areas too – and in the most varied shapes and base versions. All of the lamps have one thing in common however: innovative LED technology, energy savings and excellent efficiency.

  • HQL LED: can be fitted instead of conventional HQL with low operating and maintenance costs
  • OSRAM DULUX D LED: can be fitted instead of conventional compact fluorescent lamps with excellent potential for energy savings
  • LINE R7s: new dimmable and brighter variants, now also in a length of 78 mm
  • PIN G9/G4/GY6.35: with new design and greater variety, for the first time also with GY6.35 base, G9 now also dimmable
  • GX53: very flat design for optimum installation in recessed spotlight sockets too
  • LEDinestra: can be fitted instead of conventional incandescent tubes with S14s and S14d base

LED special lamps

LED lamps Made in Germany

Reliability is not just a word - it's our promise. Made in Germany.

Also in a highly competetive market LEDVANCE produces an increasing number of LED lamps under high production quality standards in Germany. Result: Quality driven products which meets the high requirements of lighting experts. Our goal: We want to establish the highest possible light quality, robustness and reliability in our product portfolio.

The facts

  • Exceptionally high quality thanks to German standards in production and logistics
  • Part of our LED reflector lamps are "Made in Germany"
  • The first LED tubes ever and already a part of the portfolio is "Made in Germany"
  • The full product range of our LEDinestra is "Made in Germany"


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