Vietnam Customer Event November 2017


Application:  Customer Event
Technology:  LED lamps,  LED luminaires,  Electrical Components
Target Group:  Customers in Vietnam, Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City

In November 2017, LEDVANCE Representative Office in Vietnam organised two customer events. The first one was in Hanoi on the 7th and the second one in Ho Chi Minh City on the 9th.

The aim of these events was for customers to get an update on LEDVANCE performance in the previous year and the company outlook for the future. These customer events also represent a chance for LEDVANCE to further commit to its vision of 'Customer First' and to make LEDVANCE a leading global brand in LED Luminaires.

To foster the assurance of LED Luminaires development, one part of these events was dedicated to presenting upcoming LED Luminaires in Financial Year 2018-2019. Customers were impressed with the diverse portfolio of Luminaires for different applications, with high interest for LED Panel and DampProof range. Furthermore, customers also give feedback on the local trends and development, which help LEDVANCE to be closer to the local market.

Apart from that, LEDVANCE also presented some new products in the LED Lamps and Electronics Components (EC) segment. The new LED lamps products such as the LED VALUE CLASSIC A 6000h, LED ECO CLASSIC A HIGH-WATTAGE, and the LED VALUE STICK continue the high-quality originated from the OSRAM brand while keeping it relevant and suitable to the market.

The new products are now ready and available. Customers can contact their local LEDVANCE office to get more information.