The first real "LED incandescent lamp"


Application:  General lighting
Technology:  LED
Target Group:  Electrician,  Installer,  Trade

LED lamps have always been larger and heavier compared to the good old incandescent lamp. And with their bulbs made of plastic they seemed not to be high-quality. Not anymore! With the new PARATHOM LED RETROFIT OSRAM LED lamps from LEDVANCE you get the first real replacement products that look exactly the same.

You will no longer recognize a difference
The facts of the highly efficient LED lamps: same size, full-glass design, almost the same weight - they will not show any difference to incandescent lamps in the frosted version, even if you hold them in your hands personally. The advantages are obvious: Your customers benefit from an energy saving of up to 90 % and you can fit the lamps into all existing luminaires.
Of course, the clear-glass version also offers all of these advantages, but here the technical development with the new and stylish LED filaments is openly visible - which is more and more desired by many customers.

Large selection
You have the choice between different wattages, sockets and shapes. The CLASSIC A is available as a 40W and 60W version, the CLASSIC B as a 25W and 40W version, and the CLASSIC P as a 40W version and E27 base, as well as the 25W and 40W versions with an E14 socket.
In the clear version, a number of further direct replacement LED lamps are available, but then with the innovative and stylish "LED filament" as a visible technical development.