The invention of the electric light changed the course of human history forever. It seems almost unbelievable that the carbon arc lamp was first developed over 200 years ago. And private homes have had electric light since the 1880s.
Nowadays - some 135 years later - light has become an exciting lifestyle product. Thanks to modern and extremely efficient LED technology, we're able to light our homes to create our own unique, welcoming and energy-saving ambience in numerous colours, shapes and designs.


LED lamps

How has light technology changed?

In recent years electric lighting has made incredible technological advances. With their knowledge of light speed, researchers have been able to develop light bulbs with tungsten filaments using LED technology. Light diodes were mass-produced as early as the 1960s, but they were initially only suitable for calculators and digital watches. Back then, the light output from LEDs was still very low. As LEDs evolved, that light output increased from below 0.1 lm/W to more than 100 lm/W, which is the equivalent of a quantum leap in technological terms. The latest generation of LED lights can even achieve outputs of 300 lm/W.

Today, LED lights are fundamental to lighting concepts - both in offices and homes. And it's no wonder, given that light-emitting diodes have a clear advantage over their predecessors: they're much, much more efficient! For example, the efficiency of a traditional light bulb is just about 5%; the remaining 95% is lost as heat. Efficiency is greatly improved with LED lighting, something the German testing foundation Stiftung Warentest has clearly shown: a family of three can save about 150 euros per year if they replace their traditional light bulbs with LED technology.


Using LED technology in modern lighting concepts

What's more, LEDs aren't just more efficient than their predecessors. With this modern light technology, one can also create lighting concepts that would have been entirely unthinkable just a few years ago. For some, LED lights are associated with cool-white, uncomfortable light sources, but this association is something of a myth. In fact, contemporary lighting concepts with luminescence diodes can do much more: from warm-white and cosy lighting for living spaces to the entire range of colours in the RGB spectrum, anything is possible. LED lights are also state-of-the-art in terms of how easy they are to use. With the LED STAR+ RELAX & ACTIVE, for example, with just one click you can switch the lighting from stimulating and concentration-enhancing cool white to a harmonious, cosy warm white.

Dimmable LED lights also allow for unique lighting schemes. You can use them to transform a bedroom or bathroom into a spa area that encourages you to relax and dream. And you don't have to install an extra dimmer - because with lights such as the LED STAR+ DUO CLICK DIM, you can dim them at the press of a button.

LED technology has also opened up new options outdoors: with lights equipped with SMART+ and twilight sensors, you can remotely control your lights using your smartphone, PC or tablet and no longer have the hassle of having to get up to turn on your lights when the sun goes down.




LED strips, LED spots, LED garden poles: with such innovative and energy-saving technology, one could be forgiven for thinking that the traditional bulb has had its day. Yet for many people its familiar shape has become a design classic - which is why there are many LED lights that look like traditional light bulbs.

Vintage Edition 1906

Thanks to a so-called retrofit bulb fitting, these gems also fit in traditional bulb sockets, making it all the easier to save energy. And best of all: thanks to LED technology, lighting can be designed in so many unique ways. In the LEDVANCE collection you'll find, amongst other things, classic vintage lights reminiscent of the "good old days" of the carbon filament lamp. The 1906 Edition LED light looks breathtakingly beautiful in a classic candlestick and creates a stylish statement that is highly energy-efficient.

If you're looking for innovative light solutions, look no further than LEDVANCE's SMART+ series. This includes a wide variety of LED lights and lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting that you can control via Gateway or Bluetooth using an app or voice command. In fact, many of the lights can also be linked directly to Apple's Siri or Amazon's Echo. All in all, we're in a completely new dimension! And with an expected lifespan of approximately 20,000 hours, you'll not only save energy, but also have the added convenience of rarely needing to replace light bulbs!

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